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Essential Skills Introduction

Essential Skill
Sample Essential Skill Tasks in Everyday Life
reading text
Read cooking instructions on food packages to prepare foods. (1)
Write a short e-mail to a friend suggesting plans for the weekend. (1)
document use
Refer to a bus schedule to figure out which bus will get you to your appointment on time. (2)
computer use
Check a company’s website to find travel or weather information. (2)
oral communication
Teach a friend how to snowboard or how to use a new computer software application. (2)
money math

Calculate the difference between a “sale price” item and a “regular price” item to figure out savings. (1)


Compare the cost of school supplies at two different stores. (1)


Calculate the area of a room to figure out how much carpet to purchase. (2)

data analysis
Predict which sports team will win using game statistics over a period of time. (3)
Estimate the amount of time you will need to study for a test. (2)
problem solving
You have scheduled two activities at the same time. Determine which activity can and should be rescheduled. (2)
decision making
Choose an apartment to rent, considering whether its location, cost and size meet your needs. (2)
job task
Work on tasks such as organizing silverware or putting stamps on letters in your role as a volunteer. (1)
finding info
Find out which careers have good growth potential by conducting internet searches to find labour market information, speaking with guidance counsellors and conducting information interviews. (3)
critical thinking

Judge the suitability of courses when making course selections. Consider learning, employment and graduation goals together with your interests. (2)

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